Thursday, 3 July 2014

Red roses - Part 15

He didn't meet them after that unfateful event. He had distanced himself from them, making excuses which sounded lame sometimes. She had called him many times but he ignored her calls. This pained him. Alas! He had to be hard on her.

There were many occasions when he would cry uncontrollable or laugh as if he didn't care or hit his fist on the wall several times until it became sore. Why did he make mistake of falling in love with his friend's girl friend when he knows how much his friend loves her and he was the one who made them together?

Love! Sometimes he wished he could throw his heart out and never feel that wrecked emotion again. He had become loner amongst people. His friends started dwindling due to his aloof nature.

It had been months since he hadn't spoken to Rajeev. He missed those sweet days when their friendship was on the high. They would do all the crazy things together. Now his life was colourless without him.

Love was supposed to be special bond that would connect people. In his case it only created a tear on their relationship. He prayed that Lucy and Rajeev were good together. He hoped they were happy.

Sigh! Everything in this damn world has an expiry date including water and life. He woke up in middle of night to breaking news. His friend was dead. He was murdered in a cold blood.

( To be continued)

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