Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Red Roses - Part 18

He read the newspaper one more time. The news was not new. It was a news that was published at time after his death. The paper was preserved though it was bit crumbled. 

The headlines read- Another anonymous murder. The details of killer wasn't described because the killer was smart and clever to not to leave any traces. Unfortunately the police didn't make any effort to deduce the reason of murder or anything about it. They closed the case and declared it as unnatural death.

He couldn't accept Rajeev's death as unnatural. He knew Rajeev wouldn't take his own life. Rajeev had everything in his life to be proud of. Was it someone from his past? He had to know.

While he spent his days in finding the truth, he would find some time to call her to see if she needed anything or whether she was fine. He knew nothing could replace Rajeev but he wanted Lucy to move on. However the question was - Did he move on? He still couldn't accept the truth- his friend was no more.

Whenever a new hope shined at his door, he would grab it. Unfortunately that hope would die soon or end in wrong turn. He wasn't happy. Frustration had taken a toll on him. The sources or persons he thought would help, weren't helpful. 

He thought it was revenge attack. But after continuous interrogation with the people he thought would take his life , nothing came up. It was fruitless. Today was also the same. His non stop accusation of a college enemy ended him in the jail.

( To be continued)

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