Thursday, 10 July 2014

Red Roses- Part 19

The jail was tiny stinky room. It had become a temporary hotel room for petty thieves, small time murderers and rowdies. The mixture of various smell ranging from the low class cigarette to wet swap smell. It made Arjun's bile come up.

For few minutes, he wished that he wasn't aggressive about the death of his dear friend. He wanted to get out from these sinners. They had been torturing him for being outsider and accused him of sins that he had not committed.

He sat down with his hands covering his face. He had to get out. Every single passing second would mean that the murderer would be free.. Enjoying his freedom while the world would be oblivious of his friend's murderer. 

Then he felt the prison door open and the constable walk across him. "Arjun, you have been given bail. You are free now.",he said. 

Arjun walked outside and towards where Lucy was signing on some paper. The police looked at him with disgust. Maybe it was mostly due to losing one of the prisoner. He wanted this one to stay longer.

Arjun took a deep breath and released it instantly. Lucy was staring at him with intense eyes. He looked back at her with same intensity. " Don't do this. I hate this but I have to say this- Move on and let him rest in peace. Wherever he is, he wishes that you stop all this!", she begged.

( To be continued)

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