Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 10

A tiger had sneaked into the area where Prasun resided. He was laying on the muddy ground with hands sprawled all over the ground. He didn't realise the tiger sniffing him.

He did smell of easy prey to the tiger. His flesh could fill him for few days. It was in dilemma. It had learnt years ago when it was a cub that a prey tasted good when it was hunted down .

Well! It couldn't starve for long. It needed food to retain it's energy. It needed energy to fight against the young ones to maintain it's throne.

It was about to bite him. It was going to taste the human blood at last. It's teeth was almost close to his throat. One bite, his life was gone. One second.. One action could change everything.

He woke up suddenly with startle. He looked at the royal animal which was gaping at him. The tiger stepped back and his dog barked at it with lot of courage.

He walked across the dog and took a stick that he had kept slanting on the wall. He knocked the floor and screamed at the tiger while trying to get the attention of the villagers.

(To be continued)

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