Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Tiger's Hound - Part 12

Kimberly paused for a minute and said, " Yes we do. But this dog is the best. Haven't you seen the way he fought the tiger. We must include him in our team. He can teach the other dogs his unusual way of protecting villagers." "Hmm. Prasun Dada, get your dog to the ground where we had held our competition.", the panchayat's son said. "That means I am .. my dog selected, Shyam Babu (the panchayat's son)?"Prasun asked.

Shyam Babu nodded his head. As soon as they left, Prasun started building dreams of perfect future. At last he would get good food and warm place to live in. Ah! With money in the hand, he planned to purchase new clothes. The days of raw fish, torn clothes and half broken house would be a passe. Now he could show off his new found status as village guard though it wasn't something great.

While he tried to fool around with his dreams, he didn''t realise that Sheru was missing since morning. When it was time to take the dog to the ground, Sheru wasn't there. He searched everywhere. He had not left single area. He had also looked around at the place where he had found him. It wasn't there. Where had it gone?

His luck was cursed again. When everything was going all fine, the dog was missing. Why? Did God had trouble in seeing him happy? Why does lady luck play hide and seek game? He had almost reached the top and now he will tumble down to deep hole where he wouldn't be able to get up.

He didn't know what to do. He couldn't go to the ground without the dog. So he simply walked back home. He was in his own thoughts and didn't realize where he was taking the path to ground. Everything was finished before it could start. He had almost taken vow to stop believing when he realized that he was at the ground where he was asked to come.

He scolded himself for being non vigilant of his actions. He was always absorbed in his thoughts and never cared about his surrounding or actions. He was about to walk back when Shyam Babu stopped him and signaled him to come towards the ground. He pretended to walk away but he saw something that shocked him.

(To be continued)

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