Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 14

It cried and turned away from the sight. Kimberly held it's hand gently and injected it to keep immune from all kind of germs. The dogs had to be fit and healthy in order to face danger.The tigers in the jungle were ruthless and they didn't care if their prey were weak. It would pounce on anything that seems like food to it.

The pain was just a pinch. Sheru felt relived when the needle was taken out.It had thought it was going to loose it's life. Thank lord! The lady was sweet enough to not to kill it. It's master on the other hand would have taken it's life if he was given the needle.It ran before it was given any more surprises like that.

Prasun called Sheru. But it pretended as if it didn't hear and ran as fast as it could. He didn't chase it. He knew his dog well. It had ran away because it didn't want to face his wrath. Anyway he had cooled down when he saw Kimberly and Shyam Babu praising Sheru.

Shyam Babu stopped him for small chat, " Sheru is showing lot of improvement. He is the dark horse of our pack." Prasun nodded his head and smiled. "Anyway, where had you been? Sheru arrived the location much earlier than you.", Shyam Babu continued. "I.. I had to fetch fish for Sheru's dinner. It wants it's food on time.", Prasun lied.

Shyam Babu joked, "Very punctual dog!" and left Prasun to his thoughts. Prasun walked back home. He wasn't angry. He was surprised why his wild dog had turned into sober one. Maybe it's hunger made it do things such as being loyal to him.

Prasun prepared fish with little masala that he had purchased with money he had. He had always dreamed that he would prepare little royal food for himself when he would get the job. As he sat down with his dinner, Sheru came in from now where and sat next to him. He gave wicked smile. He was not going to share his dinner today.

(To be continued)

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