Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 15

Sheru looked away. It didn't want to show it's hungry eyes to him. It licked it's saliva as the smell of the fish penetrated it's nose. For a second, it thought of snatching the fish from his hand and running away. But it couldn't betrayed it's master. It was because of him that it got timely food and place to stay. If it remained loyal, the food and place will remain for sometime until it found a new place.

Prasun seemed a bit cranky as usual to Sheru. It waited for it's share. It deserved to be treated with good food. It had gathered many praises from the lady who was teaching it new skills. It didn't fail anywhere. But it's master was indifferent. He didn't give anything to eat or spoke any good words.

It didn't understand whether it hated or loved it's master. They shared a strange relationship. It didn't love him nor it hated him. He had never ill treated him nor showered too much love to him.But still it had never thought of betraying him. Sheru could sense a good human that secretly resided in Prasun's heart.

Sheru tried to sleep but it's growling tummy didn't let him sleep. It looked again towards Prasun. Prasun avoided his dog. He knew that it wanted it's share of masala fish. He didn't offer. He didn't want to share his treat with anyone. Sheru was only a tool that would help him with fulfilling his dreams.

Alas! His human heart couldn't see his dog sleeping hungry. Maybe there was little love inside his hopeless heart. He had learnt hard way the lessons of selfishness yet he never could forget the kindness.

He offered Sheru a raw fish that he had thought of cooking next day. Sheru ate the fish within few seconds.It waited for a pat on it's head for being good dog, It didn't receive any pat or love from Prasun. It only got his scornful gaze. It ran away to it's place where it laid with thoughts of how it could get it's revenge of it's master's cold snub.

(To be continued)

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