Monday, 13 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 18

Sheru knew what it was supposed to do. It behaved normal and did it's task as it was told. It ran a mile which included running zig zag and avoiding the obstacles. As it walked on the plank, it pretended to fall. It looked real. Everyone except Prasun worried if Sheru hurt itself.

Kimberly took Sheru at once. She checked whether Sheru was hurt. Sheru winced some times to show that it was in pain. She took it's paw and brushed it to see where the pain was. It winced again when she touched it's paw. She tied a cloth piece on its paw and called Prasun out.

"Nothing to worry, Prasun. It's a slight injury. He(Sheru) will be fine within few hours. Sheru is brave dog and these tiny incident won't affect him", she said. Prasun didn't understand other than word Sheru. He smiled as she gave him a comforting smile.

She left him with Sheru. Prasun was angry. He was in verge of hitting it instead he hit Sheru with words, "Why didn't you balance the last act? Your tiny mistakes won't matter now. But once they realize other dogs have more potential than you, they will ignore you. And I won't let you ruin what we have done."

He quickly bent down to remove the knot tied to it's leg when Shyam arrived to check Sheru's health. " What are you doing? Sheru is hurt", Shyam said, astonished with what he was seeing. Prasun immediately tied the knot tight instead of untying it.

He got up and said, " I was only making sure that the knot was tight and whether he was alright." Shyam Babu nodded and patted Sheru's back.  As soon as Prasun walked back home, he sighed deeply, thanking almighty that he wasn't caught abusing the dog. He had to be careful.

(To be continued)

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