Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 23

Ramlal always felt that he was far superior than others. He had huge house due to inheritance and almost successful business. He didn't have to work hard because he always got the best of everything. Now he wanted to be part of the Tiger's watchdog plan. Fortunately he had the best dog in the village.

He didn't have to do much. His dog did all the work. He watched all the opportunities falling into his feet until he heard that Prasun's dog had also been selected. Prasun's dog being selected was not big thing. But he couldn't digest Prasun's dog being the top dog while his own dog was trying to maintain his second position with lot of difficulty.

Today wasn't so good. So was yesterday and day before that day as well as tomorrow or any day. But today was worse than other days. Ramlal had planned to bring his dog before everyone else and do basic practice so that his dog didn't make any mistakes. Unfortunately Prasun's presence spoiled all his plan.

Ramlal knew he wouldn't be able to succeed with Prasun's dog winning every time. " How come you are early today?", he asked as if he was unaware about what they were doing. Prasun didn't respond and pretended as if he didn't hear. "Anyway your dog is best. It doesn't need much practice.", he said with irony.

Prasun ignored and continued with his work. Ramlal was angry. He was never ignored. How could a jobless Prasun ignore him?  He grabbed Prasun's hand and said firmly," How dare you?  Who are you to not listen to me? How dare you ignore me?"

Prasun was surprised though not shocked. He knew about Ramlal's jealousy but he could do anything about it. If he tried to argue, he was sure he had to bear the brunt. It was like adding more fuel to the fire. 

(To be continued)

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