Monday, 27 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 25

Ramlal realized it too late. He had already created ruckus out of something tiny. It could have been avoided but he didn't want to. He dragged it until Shyam Babu intervened. He not only lost time. He lost the image he carried in front of  Shyam.

Shyam Babu reprimanded him about his behavior. He had also warned him about elimination from the contest. Ramlal didn't utter a word. He heard Shyam insulting him in front of everyone. He let him speak. If he fought Shyam, he knew the consequences. It was easy to fight against the people lower than one's rank than the higher rank persons.

He knew his time hadn't come yet. His conscious advised him to let the useless soul a.k.a Prasun enjoy his time. This time was going to be short time. He made sure it would be short term. For him, people like Prasun were like small creatures to be stamped and thrown.

Prasun felt a bit pride about himself. He had never expected Shyam Babu and others would take his side. He didn't know that good supporting people ever existed. He had read about them in books and heard about them in fair tales. But he didn't know they ever existed in real form. 

Maybe it was Sheru! The dog's arrival in his life had changed everything. The good times seemed to stay for longer time. But what if it was for short period? He didn't like the idea of short term happiness. It scares him when he losses.

He had seen failures too many yet he is afraid of them. He had not to gotten used to failures. He had almost lost hope and now when a new sun was rising, he didn't want to face darkness again. He didn't want to face the same life he had held back for the new beginning.

(To be continued)

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