Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound-38d

The tiger was whining and growling for help. Once upon a time his eyes had devilish desires. But today those eyes were filled with pain. He wanted to be free and run away to the wild where he would feel safe. He promised lord that he would never venture out. However God bought a human and his pet to add to his miseries.

Prasun got out of his shock. This was purely poacher's trick to trap the tiger. As per what he had learnt from Kimberly, poaching was crime. But it wasn't given in the book that what was supposed to be done during this time. He was confused whether to inform Kimberly and squad about the poaching or walk back home.

Sheru barked tensely. He wanted to help the tiger. He knew how it was to be trapped and lose your freedom. However everyone was not lucky like him. He was scared that tiger may end up being in the zoo like other tigers he had seen. He didn't want this tiger to be in that state too. He wished Prasun could do something.

Prasun remembered about the walkie talkie he had. He sighed and was relieved. He took it out from his right pocket of his pant. Later he switched the walkie and talkie on. He spoke loud and clear, " There is a tiger trapped. It must be poacher. Come soon."  He had also given the direction where he was waiting. He walked close towards the tiger. It growled while raising his paws to protect himself.

Sheru barked incontrollably. Prasun asked him to keep quiet. He watched the tiger. He thought about how he could save the tiger. He knew it was impossible for one man to release the wild tiger. This was a tiger and not some pussy cat he could save. He waited for some time , watching closely for a way he save time for the Kimberly and her men to save the tiger.

The squad had come within few minutes. Prasun showed them the tiger. The squad member took out the rifle and pointed towards the tiger. Prasun was shocked. What was he doing? Why were they shooting the tiger? Who were they? Did he call the wrong guys? Or where they were involved with the poachers? God knew what was happening! He looked at the man who was mercilessly pointing the rifle on the poor animal.

(To be continued)

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