Monday, 3 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 29

Everyone cheered. Prasun beamed with pride. He knew there was something special in Sheru that made him different from other dogs. He remembered the time when he meet Sheru for the first time. How smart the dog was? He had outwitted him with those fishes.

He had made sure he had tiptoed towards him and picked up fish. How aggressive he was about his catch! He didn't leave his catch and left Prasun with half piece. Oh those memories! If he hadn't found him, no one would ever known that there was a dog called Sheru.

Ramlal was disappointed. He didn't feel happy that his dog was one of three dogs selected for the visit to the zoo. He  was disappointed that Sheru had made to the top three. This dog surely had lady luck by his side. Every time Ramlal tried to execute his evil plans to fail Sheru, something dreadful would happen.

Sheru was excited as soon as he heard that he was going to meet another species of animals. But he had no idea that he was going to see the tiger in cage where his real courage would be tested. If he failed, then he would have to start all over again.

Prasun was aware of the test. He knew the cost of not doing well. Going through the training all over again would be nightmare for both Prasun and Sheru. Maybe Sheru wouldn't mind it. But for Prasun, it was matter of saving his face from being ridiculed by the villagers for failure.

He had gone through that stage many times. This was not the time. He had worked hard. He had put in lot of effort to come to the top spot. It would hurt him more if Sheru failed this test. A confidence with pinch of insecurity walked side by side.

(To be continued|)

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