Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 37

It had been  a week since Kimberly had put Ramlal on duty. There was no issues sighted until today. There were few sights of tiger passing across the banks opposite the village. But there was no tiger that had come close until today.

It was Sunday night. Ramlal was known for drinking too much during Sundays. He would start during afternoon and continue till the night. He wasn't used to working during weekends. Forget weekends! He wasn't used to work. He had only taken up to show off everyone in village that what great person he was.

Prasun had ignored all the hypes until today. He had almost forgotten that Ramlal's dog was first one to be sent to real scenario. But today was different. Ramlal had lost his dog due to his ignorance. He had forgotten the first rule of Tiger's Hound 's handler. He had to be always vigilant when he was with the dog.

Unfortunately Ramlal was too drunken to notice that his dog was chasing a tiger which had trespassed the village in look out for prey. His dog was successful in chasing the tiger but he hadn't returned. Ramlal only had bleak view of his dog chasing the tiger. He had followed his dog but tripped in between due to his inebriated condition.

Ramlal woke up next morning ,startled how he landed in this situation- lying on the ground in the woods. That's when he realized that he was on duty and his dog was missing. He had searched the dog but he couldn't find. Alas! He walked to Kimberly and blurted out what had happened.

Kimberly was angry as well as anxious about the dog. She had scolded Ramlal for his irresponsible behaviour. She had sent a search team to look out for the dog. She prayed that the dog wasn't hurt or killed. She couldn't afford to lose the dog at this point.

(To be continued)

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