Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 37b

The search team looked for the dog everywhere. He wasn't there. Ramlal had prayed that his dog was safe. He didn't worry about the dog safety. He worried about his image. His luck had just started now. He wanted to enjoy the sweetness of his success. But he didn;t know it would end so soon.

Life was strange.Sometimes it is bright, sometimes it is dim. But sometimes the dark night remains for long time until the first light of sun falls on earth. Till then we are never at peace. Prasun was in state where he didn't know whether it was night filled with miseries or daylight.

As soon as he heard the news, he felt pinch of happiness though he felt bad for Ramlal. It was  his adorable dog. However he was suspicious whether Ramlal loved his dog as he always showed off to people how much he adored his dog. Maybe he was just a show off.

After 10 long hours, when everyone dispersed home, Ramlal found his dog waiting at home. Everyone was at peace when they reached home. The little dog was playing chase game with Ramlal's six year old son. No one knew how the dog came home unscratched.

It was rumored that maybe Ramlal was not there on duty. He must have created some story to hide his real story. Whatever it is , he was at loss. He had lost an opportunity due to his laziness. Kimberly had taken Ramlal out of the project. She had decided that replacement of Ramlal's position would be notified next day.

Kimberly announced the results next morning. The replacement had shook Ramlal. He couldn't believe that his stupidity could cost him something big. His pride broke into pieces. He couldn't watch someone like Prasun take his place. Hence he tried to break him.

(To be continued)

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