Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound - Part 38

Ramlal had ideas... ideas that could break Prasun into pieces. But he had no courage or belief to execute these ideas. His other brilliant ideas had failed to work. So he left it. He convinced himself that being a dog handler was not his thing and it didn't quite suit his image. He was rich man in the society and it wasn't good for his image to be the watchman for the village.

Prasun fitted best. Prasun wasn't rich like Ramlal and this role was perfect for small man like him. Ramlal always felt that tiny roles was perfect for Prasun kind of person. Tiny people like Prasun needed this job to give small push to make oneself known. Ramlal felt it was small charity which is

The useless Prasun had almost proved his worth. When Kimberly had called out his name, he couldn't believe it. He felt that he wouldn't get any opportunity again to prove himself. He thanked Kimberly in mind. She was too sweet to forgive Sheru and him for their mistakes and give them another opportunity to proove themself.

Prasun was excited. So was Sheru. But Sheru had no idea of where they were going. It was first time that Prasun would get to eat full fledged meal offered by the villagers. However it was not only food that excited him, it was also the chance to show his worth to the society that excited him. Wow! His dream was coming true at last.

It still seems like a dream. He pinched himself twice to make him come out of this dream bubble to reality. He thought that if  he opened his eyes , all these beautiful things would disappear. So he blinked many times. But the image in front of him was real.

Kimberly had explained him the rules of being Tiger's hound with help of Shyam Babu. Shyam Babu made him comfortable and advised him to be calm and cautious. Prasun had listened carefully. He didn't want to make the same mistakes like Ramlal. He had bought several packets of tea and milk. He had made sure that he never fell asleep.

Being watchman of the village wasn't easy task. He had lot of responsibilities. He had to make sure the man eater never step his foot on his village. He had to partner with Sheru to protect the village. It wasn't Sheru or his only task.

(To be continued)

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