Monday, 24 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 38b

The task of protecting the whole village from a ferocious animal who seems to think he's the king wasn't easy as it seemed before. Before it was food and money that attracted so many like Prasun to take this job.

Now it seemed like he got himself tempted towards the offer. Now he understood the real underlying value of money and food they had offered for this job. You had to sacrifice sleep, life and safety for food and money.

What will be food and money useful when your soul or body is not alive to enjoy the fruits. He wondered the irony of life. He should be happy.  But that happiness was short lived. It had been two weeks since he was placed instead of Ramlal. He was missing home.

Though he had no job, he constantly worried that he hadn't missed any rule of  Tiger's hound's handler. He never wanted to be in spotlight. It was scary when he thought about forgetting even one rule from the rule book. He would read the rule book before he would start his shift.

Anyway the tiger had not ventured into the village side. Sheru opened his mouth, smirking while thinking about the reasons why the tiger had not come. Maybe they didn't have courage to face mighty himself or Maybe they were getting more supply of food in jungle itself.

It was useless drinking coffee. It didn't keep him awake. He would fall asleep for an hour until he would realize that he was on duty. He would pinch himself , slap himself , wash his face every few minutes or go for walks with his dog. As usual he went for walks today also, he was on his walks. But today he felt uneasy like as if he was going to face some unfavorable situation soon

(To be continued)

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