Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 38c

Sheru was acting weird. He was walking inside the woods deeper and deeper. Prasun followed him. He couldn't understand where his dog was going. Did Sheru pick up some scent? Was there a tiger somewhere? Prasun wondered.

If there was a tiger, he had to turn back to village. As per the rule book, the handler and his dog shouldn't approach the tiger on  their own in the jungle. Instead they should only face them when they arrive at their place.

Prasun tried  to drag Sheru back. But Sheru resisted and walked forward. Sheru was rigid about his sense. He knew there was a tiger. He wanted to get hold of it and drive it away. There was no way the tiger could enter the village when Sheru was around. Hence he took the initiative to follow it's sense of smell to spot the tiger.

He was close. The tiger was somewhere close by. Prasun was frightened. He had almost came too close to be eaten by tiger. He wasn't ready to face another one. His heart was beating louder. He wished this nonsense dog just stopped and realised where he was going. This was forest for christsake. Tigers ruled them. Humans were strangers just like the tigers when they arrived the village.

" Oh! Come on! Sheru! Let's go back. There is nothing here.", he scolded Sheru in his local language. He pulled him again through his leash. But Sheru resisted again. He gripped his torch while dragging Sheru. Sheru still continued, ignoring all the efforts of his dog.

Sheru stopped suddenly. He barked at Prasun. Prasun didn't seem to understand until he pointed his torch at something that was rattling on the ground few distance away from where they were standing. It was a tiger. The tiger was caught in a net we call a trap set by poacher. Prasun stood standstill.

(To be continued)