Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 39

This was ridiculous! He had bought them to help the poor animal. They were trying to kill the animal. He walked towards the man who was pointing his rifle at the tiger. The man was trying to get the aim. He shot on the bark of the tree as Prasun had pushed the man.

The man got angry. " What are you doing? Why did you push me? Have you gone mad?", he scolded him in their native language. " Yes! But not me! You have gone mad. Why are you killing that tiger? He is not a threat.",he said in their native language.

"He is not killing the animal. He is trying to save the tiger. If he doesn't put the Anastasia, he wouldn't be able to help the tiger .", Kimberly said from no where. Shyamlal translated it to him .She had arrived now to analyse the situation. Prasun was still not convinced. He wondered what was Anastasia.

The man tried to aim again this time. He shot the target. The tiger stood for few minutes, feeling the pain for few seconds. He relaxed again. Within half an hour, he felt drowsy. Until he was completely unconscious, no one walked closer to the tiger except Sheru who had been barking at everyone.

Prasun looked at the tiger. The tiger wasn't responding. What did they do? Did they kill the innocent tiger? But Kimberly had said they were putting some Anastasia. What was it? Was it poison to kill the animal?  He felt helpless.

Sheru walked up to his master. He nudged Prasun many times. Why did Prasun stand there? Why was he not helping the tiger? Was the tiger sleeping or dead? He didn't understand what was happening.Why did anyone want to kill a helpless tiger?

(To be continued)