Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sweetness of Love - Part 12

Love is strange. You never realize whether it is love or crush until the reality sets in. Till then we are smitten by the sweet feeling. Sameer was charmed by her pale beauty. But he didn't understand whether it was love or just crush.

It was last period. It was Dhriti's favorite subject. Unfortunately she always felt tired and weak during the last few minutes of the hour before it was time to go home. The bell rang. It was relief though she felt disappointed. 

She was the last person to get out of the class. She felt little dizzy. She stood for sometime to calm down. Later she resumed walking. She didn't even manage to reach the gate. She felt dizzy again. However this time the world around her whirled. She simply stood, calming herself down. But that didn't work.

She fainted. Her light body fell on the ground like feather. Everyone surrounded her. They tried to understand what had happened to her. Some tried to wake her up. Some tried to fan their book to bring air. Sameer arrived. He picked her up and took her to nearest clinic without thinking for a second.

When she opened her eyes, she saw her mother waiting anxiously for her. She observed around her to realize where she was. The pale hospital scent made her to throw up. She hated hospitals, medicine and being patient.

"How did I get here?", she asked. " I bought you here. How are you now?",  Sameer replied and appeared from nowhere. She was shocked. Why the lad followed her everywhere like Mary'little lamb? She hated the sight of him and all the guys who tried to get friendly with her for only one purpose.

(To be continued)

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