Monday, 28 September 2015

Sweetness of Love- Part 14

Days passed since Dhriti was discharged from hospital. She was fine now though she felt bit weak now and then. The medicines were curing her. However peace never stuck to her life for long time. Sameer never left her alone. He followed her everywhere.

She ran towards her part time job as soon as her last class got over. It was her first day at the job. It wasn't great. She had to handle orders in the small cafe where hardly people hung. She had chosen the place carefully in order to avoid any more contacts from Sameer.

She had been trying to avoid him since the time he start jeopardizing her work by reliving her and paying her boss the double amount they were paying her at home. She had searched this place carefully. She was confident that he wouldn't follow her in this dingy cafe.

But that never happened. He found her. He had seen her cleaning the counter in the cafe. How did he find her was dumb question. She knew it. He had some people to spy on her. He must have paid some of her classmates to spy on her. She hated them.

She made face when she saw him. She disliked him zillion times. Even if he was last person in planet earth, she wouldn't let him in. He smiled and walked  towards the counter to place the order. She glared at him. It had been zillionth time that she had glared at him and he didn't bother.

As a good professional, she placed his order. She prepared his latte and sandwhich as per his requirements (lot of cheese and no cucumber). She prayed that he just had his snack and left. She hoped that he didn't make her quit this job too.

(To be continued)

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