Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sweetness of Love- Part 3

The journey was going to be tough one. Dhriti knew that this journey was taking her to her past... past she had left behind. She was scared. She was going to face her past in few minutes. Oh! What would be to meet her prospective boss who was also part of her past.

She reached her destination after getting down the bus stop which was five minutes to the office. The office sprawled over two acres. The area had two four storey building. She was amazed by his success. At such young age, he had achieved so much. He wasn't like this when they were together. He was lazy and always shadowed by his father's mediocre business.

It was amazing to see a person without dreams actually be at top. She wondered, "Can anyone change so much within short span of time? Did separation make one tough and different?" She walked inside after giving details to the security about her interview.  She was given temporary IDs and lead to sitting area on the fourth floor. 

She waited. Her heart was beating faster. She thought about the questions she would be asked. But what affected her the most was how were they going to react when they saw each other. But he must have seen her CV. Would he still meet her?

She was making her mind ready to accept the fact that she would have to give up on this job too. He would ask her to leave soon. But that didn't happen. A lady dressed in typical western professional attire appeared and lead her inside.

The lady introduced herself as HR. She spoke about the job title. Later She asked several questions about her past experience and her skills. But Dhriti couldn't answer none of questions properly. She felt scared suddenly. She didn't want to face. "Why did I ever think about coming here? We will never be able to stay in one place properly.", she thought, feeling guilty for spoiling time for the job she knew she wouldn't get. 

(To be continued)

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