Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sweetness of Love- Part 9

Memories. Sweet memories. Bitter memories. Some happy ones and some bitter ones resurface after years of hiding them . He had left instantly when he heard her daughter's name. He tried to distract himself. But those memories didn't fade.

It remain fresh in his mind. It seemed as if those memories had occurred yesterday itself. Those days.. they were special. Sometimes he wished those days never passed soon. Sometimes he wondered why it had happened.. why he ever met her! Everything would be normal if life was simple.

  **** Five years back *****

The day was amazing. It was last exam. He had waited for the last bell to ring. He hadn't written a single word in the paper. It was Accounts exam. He understood the subject but he disliked the very thought of writing exam. Maybe he had exam phobia.  But he never feared about the exam, when he entered the exam hall. Maybe he was used to his dad paying the little bribes to the faculty to get him passed.

This practice happened since the school days. He hated studies and loved play times like other kids. Unfortunately his friends grew up faster than him while he was still immature. He had no goals. His only aim was to enjoy life without working.

Now he waited for last bell. God! The minutes passed so slowly for the fun time to start. As soon as there was only one minute to pass, he rushed towards the examiner's table. He placed his paper and ran out. He had almost bumped the girl who was running towards his side.

He held her before she could fall down on the floor. He felt delicate bones and soft skin under his hand. He looked at her. It was love at first sight. He wished he held her for little long, only to explore her beautiful grey eyes. Unfortunately she had got away hurriedly from his clutch.

(To be continued)

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