Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 40

The truth was out. The villagers looked at the offender with broody eyes. They felt deceived. They had vested their whole faith on this offender. They had been fooled. Their trust broken. They felt innocent and vulnerable. Who could ever doubt that the offender would be the panchayat himself?

How could he cheat his own people?   They had seen the Panchayat preaching them about conserving the forest. Then who was this guy standing in front of them? They couldn't believe that their panchayat had been associated with poaching for long time. His own son was bewildered with him. Shyam Babu was shocked that his father was involved in this activity while he was preaching around his town as well as neighboring the art of saving tigers and the way to co-live with them.

Unfortunately his belief on their family values were shaking. He respected his father for his thoughts on betterment of their village. But he never really thought that his father would be the mastermind of such sinful activities. He couldn't look at the villagers because of his father.

He bought the police and lead them to his father. Before he gave him to them, he asked him, "Why did you do this? The villagers look up at you for your values. Doesn't your values mean anything to you?" His father looked down with guilt and replied, "I did this to keep you secured and fulfill all your needs. I love you, son. I can't see you failing your dreams. I am sorry."

Shyam Babu cried while the police took his father. Prasun held him and offered him a shoulder to cry. He understand the pain of losing a dear one. He had lost many but he was happy that he had found Sheru. Sheru had become a hero again. This time it was big. He had not only saved a tiger. He had disclosed the poaching that was going on nearby his village.

Kimberly left within few days. She had trained about twelve tiger hounds who matched the almost the skill set of Sheru. She had left. But the training ground was not closed. It was continued by Prasun. He also helped Shyamlal during nights, petroling the jungle for any poaching sights. Sheru.. Sheru enjoyed his job of being The Tiger's Hound.

                                         **** The End ****

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