Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The marital conditions - Part 1

It was Sunday afternoon. It wasn't usual weekend afternoon for Tia. Mostly her Sunday afternoon would be spent on the bed with her best friend - laptop. But today was different. Her sister Mikha and brother in law Manav agreed to meet her boyfriend Suhail after long argue-discussion session. She was excited as well as nervous. She hoped that everything would go smoothly as planned. 

"Where is Suhail?", she wondered. He was supposed to be here now. She looked at the time and then at her brother in law. Suhail always did this. He never made it on time during all the occasions. After two long hours and Mikha's never ending cribbing, he arrived. Tia sighed. 

Tia peeped outside to confirm whether it was him. She was relieved that he had at least made sure to look good and arrive in his friend's royal black Mercedes. She wanted him to convince her sister and brother in law as a man who will take care of all her needs. She believed that at least his physical appearance would 50% convince them. It was easy to convince her sister but not her brother in law.

She was first to reach to the main door to welcome him. She quickly hugged him before they arrived. They took him into their sitting area. There was pin drop silence for few minutes except for the eye contact between Tia and Suhail. 

Then Manav spoke. His voice was firm and serious. "I reckon that you must have been stuck in traffic.", Manav said. It seemed like question rather than statement. He loved to use the old english words even though he had limited knowledge of them. He felt that it showed his class and status. 

"Yes! The traffic is terrible nowadays.", Suhail said nervously. Suhail was aware of Manav's hatred towards him. He knew that Manav always wanted a classy husband for his sister in law. According to Manav, Suhail didn't match anywhere. "How am I convince him?", Suhail said.

(To be continued)

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