Friday, 1 July 2016

The Marital Conditions - Part 4

Manav sulked. He thought, "What kind of conditions are these? We could have rejected Suhail easily saying he is not fit for Tia. Why did she had to lay these silly conditions? Obviously every boy agree with these conditions." Before he could raise his voice, Mikha spoke, "Thanks Manav! This is the most special gift you have given to me. You gave me the right to accept Suhail for Tia."

Manav was furious... furious at himself for letting him agree Mikha's offer. He didn't know that Mikha would ask this for her wish. He had promised her during the last birthday that he would grant any wish she asked for. He thought she would use her wish wisely. He knew his wife was gentle. She never asked for any gifts even during her birthday. He should have known that she would ask this. He should have been very careful while granting the wish.

Tia hugged her sister and brother in law. She was delighted. She was on top of the sky. She was happy to be part of Suhail's life. Suhail was still shocked. He didn't move. He thought this was a dream. A dream he had always wished would come true. He was going to marry his love and live happily ever after.

The marriage preparation started. Both the bride and groom's family gathered for preparation. The dates were set. They had only one month for the 'D' day. Tia and Mikha would spend the day for shopping. Their list never ended. Suhail would be busy with the family events. The relatives were arriving. The house was getting filled with long lost as well as closed ones. There was chaos as well as happiness. Suhail and Tia found little time for each other.

The month passed away quickly. Invitations were sent to all guests. Manav had restricted Mikha and Tia to send the invitations to only the chosen ones. But Mikha couldn't find the names whom she could drop out of wedding. She had bought gifts for all her relatives ( good as well as backbitting ones). Tia's never ending shopping never ended. She shopped clothes, perfumes and jewelry when she had bought sufficient. Sufficient wasn't enough Tia. She wanted to look good during every function.

The 'D' day arrived. The wedding happened. Tia looked gorgeous in pink lehenga and Suhail looked ravishing in white suit. Both glowed with happiness. The love beamed through their eyes while they took their vows to never be apart and love each other forever.

(To be continued)

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