Friday, 8 July 2016

The Marital Conditions - Part 8

Tia and Suhail felt ashamed. When they met, love struck them at first sight. They would find ways to meet each other. When they got committed, they wanted to be together. Now when they were together, they wanted to break up. Love is strange in this fast moving era. We give up on everything so easily.

We let small issues, tiny stuffs and third persons rule our lives while we don't look for solutions to mend the cracks. Tia and Suhail let their egos defeat their love. They became their own enemy in their love story. They weren't able to understand what Mikha was saying. They were still looking out for faults in each other.

"But.. I didn't understand what I said.", Tia said, searching for words to explain her concern. " Please Tia! Everyone goes through initial hitches in marriage. Instead of complaining and blaming, why don't you guys sit together and sort it out ? It's easy. What's bothering you- that you are burdened with work at office and home and you don't get sufficient attention from Suhail?", Mikha said. 

"I am giving her time and affection. But even I have certain expectation...", Suhail complained. "Can we stop this?! I mean I do understand your frustration, Suhail. But Tia isn't confined to doing house work like me. She has job like you too. Why don't you understand and help each other? Marriage is not only about one doing specific task. It is about giving time and helping each other. Now!! I think if we simply stand here and discuss, we will waste our time and maybe you guys might end up distancing from each other.", Mikha said. 

"From today, you must promise me that you will do what I say. Give me a month, I will sort your marriage. If I advise you more, you will simply listen and follow your own heart.", Mikha continued while everyone listened and agreed. 

The weekend arrived. Mikha's mission to patch Suhail and Tia up started. She had asked Tia and Suhail to prepare dinner plan for Manav and her. They arrived at Tia's place on time. Unfortunately they stood in front of their door, listening to the newly wed's fight. Mikha was ashamed while Manav gave her 'see, I told you' look.

(To be continued)

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