Monday, 11 July 2016

The Marital Conditions - Part 9

Mikha banged the door. Their fight stopped and they opened the door. Mikha barged inside furiously while Manav followed her. She didn't greet Suhail back when he said 'Hi'. She stood in front of messy hall. There were clothes everywhere. The soiled plates were lying on the dining table next to the sofa. The apartment would have looked better if it was kept better. But neatness was missing in Tia's genes.

Mikha sighed. She could smell something burning from the kitchen. She rushed to see the burnt onions on the pan. The kitchen was messier than the hall. She called Tia. "What is this? When did you clean this place last time?", she asked firmly. Tia looked down and replied softly, "Last week." "Are you sure? This place looks like as if you haven't cleaned since ages.", Mikha said.

"No wonder Suhail hates coming back home to see it like this", she continued. Tia rolled her eyes and started out her list of complaints, "You forgot that even I work. It's easy to complain for him and when I ask him for help, he's never there." "Stop whining! I asked you both to make simple dinner. You guys! Really! Fighting with each other won't give you anything. Work together. Let's start with the cleaning.", Mikha said.

Mikha made Tia and Suhail clean the rooms. Whenever there was tiny fight between them, she would ask them to clean the place all over again. After cleaning, she made them to cook. She asked them to cook something simple and tasty. They shared the work equally. Tia cut the vegetables while Suhail arranged the things required to prepare the dish. There was a moment where the lost love sparkled when they would accidentally bump into each other.

(To be continued)

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