Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Marital Conditions- Part 5

A month hadn't even passed. Small cracks began to appear. Suhail was quick to notice them and mend those cracks. He also tried to maintain the same excitement they shared during pre-martial times. It wasn't easy. Tia had issues. She wasn't used to many people in the house. She had issues about everything that was happening in her new house.

The major issue was the background gap between two families. She was solely raised by her sister after her parents died when she was very young. She was always protected from sympathizers, back bitters and nasty people. However her new house was filled with such people. There was no one to save her except herself from these guys. Anyone who came home would look at her with pity eyes and feel sorry for her dead parents. She didn't enjoy such attention.

She wasn't used to kitchen chores. Her mother in law was shocked when Tia said she didn't know how to prepare tea. However her mother in law taught her though she ridiculed her for not knowing how to cook. Tia remembered days when her sister would prepare her favorite dishes without complaining when she was very tired. 

As soon as she came home from work, her mother in law expected her to finish other household chores. She never had single minute to even rest her tired soul to start afresh. Unfortunately delicate Tia was suppressed by these frustration. She did complain to Suhail. Suhail supported her and also explained it to her parents. Unfortunately nothing worked and soon he decided to move out for the best interest of his family.

Everything was fine for three month. He didn't buzz her for not to serving tea or food on time. He also didn't complain when the house seemed messy when he arrived home. He understood that it was new house and it would take time for Tia to rearrange. But everything has an expiry date including Suhail's patience. 

One day he couldn't hold his patience any longer. His day at work didn't go fine. The messy house and no dinner at home spiked his anger. He scolded her,"Why can't you at least keep things properly at home and cook food? I have moved out of house for you when you failed to adjust. You can at least manage house for me." She was furious at his comment and didn't stop to pour her heart out,"I also work at office like you. I get tired. If you really want me to manage the house, why can't you help me? Why can't you share bit of responsibility with me?" The fight started like this and never got over.

(To be continued)

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