Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A night with the fallen stars - Part 5

She asked him again like a curious child, "When was the last time you have screamed?"  "What do you mean?", he asked. "When was the last time you screamed out of joy or despair? " He walked back towards his memory lane. Flashbacks of life showed him no incidents of him screaming out of joy or sadness. How could he? He was a star. He was required to behave in a manner he is expected to.

He had learnt to keep his private life out of public scrutiny very early in life.  Here he was being asked a ridiculous question by a girl he hardly knew and he was searching for an answer. He had all the rights to not to answer this. But he did what he wasn't supposed. He answered her question, "No". He ridiculed himself for this action. "Why did I do that? What if she was some reporter? I know nothing about her.", he wondered.

She giggled and said, "Why do you think so much? Maybe because of that, you haven't let out the emotion that is eating you. Let it out. Now you will come across a bridge after this road. Stop there." He was relieved at last. He had been infuriated with her non stop question through out the journey. Now that she would be gone, peace would be back.

The bridge appeared in few minutes. He stopped the car. She opened the door and was halfway out of his vehicle. "Come out.", she said. He was puzzled. He got out of the vehicle. "What happened? Isn't this place you asked me to drop you?", he asked. She smiled. Her smile irritated him. "No! We are not done yet. I didn't ask you to drop me. I asked you to stop. This is place I come to vent out my frustration.", she said.

He looked around the bridge.  Except the sound of river flowing under the bridge, it was silent and eerie. The road was redone recently. There were no potholes on the road. The  pungent smell of tar still remained.But the bridge seemed like century old. "Isn't it peaceful? ", she asked while turning around excitedly. He nodded, "Yes"

"There is no one watching you out. There is no one judging you here. When you scream; your mind, soul and heart gets lightened. You are suddenly relieved from the stress and everything that bothers you. I come here with burden and leave with only positive feelings. You must try it.", she continued. He nodded, "Okay" She looked at him and said, "You must try it now". He was confused. "Is she gone mad?", he wondered.

(To be continued)

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