Friday, 31 March 2017

The Untouchable - Part 1

It was 5 am. The sun had not risen from it's slumber. The weather was cold and misty , just as he wanted the shoot to be. Everything was ready. Everyone were ready except the main lead of his movie - the heroine. All the preparations for the shoot was done as per his plans. But the actress was missing. He had reminded her manager about the timing many times. He had also personally asked her to be on time. And again she was late for the shoot. He waited for another one hour while his assistants called her persistently.

"Varun, the manager said that they will be here any moment.", his assistant said. He flung the script papers in the air. He had too much of this shit. He couldn't take this longer. He had been too sweet with her because of her status. Now he had to show her who the boss is.  

It was his debut movie. With the legendary surname (due to his father being a famous director cum actor) attached to his name, he had got everything to launch his career - finance, producers, distributors, music composers, singers and actors from the first class guild of movie industry. He knew how the industry worked since the time he was a small child. He had seen through the eyes of his father. He was struck by the glamour and magic of making movies. He knew what he wanted to be during the time when kids were not sure what they wanted to be. 

She arrived after four hours. She wore snobbish look. Her sharp grey eyes were covered by the dark black shades.  Her face was clear with no signs of any pimples, acne or zits. Her straight black hair with highlights of brown and red was tied in a ponytail. Not a single strands of hair fell on her face. She wore complete black - black sweatshirt with black track pants. The sweatshirt covered her petite figure while the track pants covered her long toned legs. She was epitome of beauty and was rightly named as Roop.

She headed directly towards her vanity van. Her manager followed her. "You should have at least visited Varun first . He is very angry.", her manager said. She didn't feel any guilt. She was a star. She didn't feel the need to report to anyone. "Why should I meet Varun? Who is he? I am a star. He is just a newbie director of famous star. He thinks that everything will work according to his ways! No way!", she said furiously.

"Varun, she's arrived. Shall we get ready with the shoot?", one of Varun's assistant asked. "Pack up! We will cancel the shoot for today.", he said and stormed towards his makeshift office. 

(To be continued)

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