Friday, 7 April 2017

The Untouchable - Part 4

It was indoor shoot. A very important sequence of the movie was being shot. The set was perfectly designed as per Varun's idea. The chandeliers, the curved stairway and the furniture gave the eerie effect. It looked more real than a movie set. This is what Varun wanted. Everything was perfect except Roop. She was giving him hard time. After all what happened, he expected her to change her working style. She was still the same.

It was 50th take. She wasn't able to give the particular expression he wanted. "Cut it! Cut it! What are you doing, Roop? How many times should I explain you the scenario? It is easy direct two year old kid than directing you. Even two year old kid can act this scene better than you. The jury must be crazy to give you award every year or maybe you must have bribed them. ", he said furiously.

She yanked the microphone attached to her body and threw it across him. She barged out of the studio while Varun continued to insult her, "There she goes again. Those rumours about you are right. You are tantrum star." The assistant followed her quickly. The crew began to gossip again. A senior co star, Dev, who was also working on same scene , approached Varun,"That wasn't right. You scolded her. Fine. We have director who loose cool.But you don't have right to tarnish her image in front of everyone. She's been working in this industry for years. She worked hard to build that image. Those awards she received are the recognition of that image. She is fine actress. Every actor has a bad day. Even she is having one."

"Leave me alone", she yelled at the assistant who tried to console her.  She banged the door and locked herself inside. She sat down on the floor while her white long dress spilled across the floor. Tears welled up in her almond shaped eyes. She cried hard. Suddenly she heard light knocks on the door. "I told you to leave me alone.", she yelled until her mouth was dry. The knock continued. After few minutes, she opened the door. It was Varun.

"I don't want to talk to anyone.", she said. She tried to close the door, but Varun pushed himself in.
"What do you want?", she screamed. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.", he apologized. "Everyone says that after hurting others.", she said sarcastically. "Listen, I am frustrated. The schedules are not going as per planned. We are already delaying. And you are being difficult to me. How am I supposed to complete my shoot if you don't cooperate?", he said.

She didn't respond and turned her back towards him. He was about to head back when she finally spoke up, "I am sorry too. I have been too hard on you. I will cooperate from now on." He gave a reassuring smile and headed back to studio.

(To be continued)

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