Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Untouchable - Part 5

The next morning she received unexpected surprise. She received bouquet of roses and box of her favorite chocolate muffins. She smiled as she read the name of sender and the message . It read - ' I am sorry. - Varun'. She was surprised at this gesture. She never expected him to be warm. 

She was punctual for the shoot this time. Before she started with the shoot, she proceeded towards his office. He was busy discussing with one of his assistant. "Hi! I need to talk to you.", she said. He nodded and asked the assistant to leave them alone. When they were alone, she spoke, "Thanks. But you didn't have to do that." "I thought you were still angry with me. Are you angry with me?", he said softly. "No, I am not. By the way, how did you know chocolate muffins are my favorite.", she asked.
"You are public figure. Your likes and dislikes are always the selling material of the movie magazines.", he replied. 

She smiled. "How come you are on time?", he asked. "I promised you yesterday that I would cooperate with you. Let's start shooting. I don't want us to delay the schedule.", she said while heading back to the studio. He smiled while patting her back. 

The shooting was getting more easier day by day. As promised by her, she was on time for all the shoots, took few retakes and hardly threw any tantrums. Everyone was amazed. She was learning to smile. She was learning to respect. She was slowly opening up. The rude obnoxious star was turning into new leaf due to company of new friendship. 

It was dance sequence which would be used for the promotion of movie. She wore golden mini dress that displayed her curves. Her eyes were made smoky. The make up wasn't too much or too less. It didn't overshadow her real beauty. She looked like goddess. 

When the music started, everything stood still. She danced like nymphs - delicate and elegant. The song was soft love song depicting the one sided love of the woman.The dance was contemporary and her moves expressed the lyrics of song perfectly.  Everyone was awe of her beauty and dance including Varun.

(To be continued)

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