Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Untouchable - Part 6

The music ended. She finished her dance with a signature move. She and the background dancers waited for his instruction. He was spellbound. He had never found her so beautiful until today. He could imagine the feel of her soft delicate skin, her almond gaze and luscious red lips. Every time he imagined, his heart missed a beat. 

Suddenly he came back to senses and said, "Cut! Let's pack up!" The crew was startled. They had a midnight shoot to complete. They weren't able to comprehend why Varun called off the shoot. "Maybe I did something wrong?", Roop doubted.

She left the studio with mind full of thoughts and concern. "What did I do wrong, again?", she questioned herself. She recalled all the things that happened over the day. She had practiced the steps diligently. She was on time for the shoot. She had also rehearsed her lines for the midnight shoot. The song sequence turned out perfect.Everyone had praised her. Then what had gone wrong? Why did he call of the shoot. "I don't understand this guy.", she thought angrily when she didn't find any mistakes in her. Later she again condemned herself for assuming that everything went perfectly. "Maybe he didn't find it perfect.", she thought.

Varun lay quietly on the couch in his room. He had declined to have dinner with his dad. He wanted to be in recluse. He tried to clear his mind. While he was still thinking about his day, his cellphone rang.  It was her call. He didn't want to talk. He picked it up immediately without seeing the caller name. "How many times do I need to remind you that I don't want to talk to anyone?", he yelled. 

It was Roop. "I am sorry.. I..will .. call you back later.", she stammered. He felt guilt as soon as he realized it was Roop. "Wait! I am sorry. I didn't realize it was you. I thought it was one of my assistant.", he said apologetically. "Are you fine? You seemed disturbed and call off the shoot suddenly. I was wondering whether we could re-shoot the song again if you want. I know you didn't like it.", she asked. "No, it was perfect. I wasn't feeling well. These shoots and planning over last few weeks were hectic. So I was feeling tired.", he lied. "Oh! I understand. You work so hard. Why don't you take off tomorrow. I mean if you want to. Health is important.", she said. "I will see.", he smiled. "Ok!Take rest. I will see you tomorrow.", she said and hung up.

As soon as the call ended, he smiled like teenager who has fallen in love for the first time. He walked towards his work desk and opened one of drawers. There were magazines with pictures of Roop. He looked at them. The hidden feeling called crush resurfaced again. That feeling was strong when he had first seen her dance in one of teenage movies. He had become one of her crazy devoted fan. He would collect all the magazines that contained her pictures or interviews. He would save the videos of award shows where she danced. He would watch her movies numerous times until he had memorized all the lines of the heroes. However as soon as he assisted his father with his work and worked towards his dream, he locked all those feeling deep inside where he would never find. However today's event had brought back that feeling again. This time it was stronger than the last time.

(To be continued)

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