Monday, 17 April 2017

The Untouchable - Part 8

His surprised reaction turned into smile. "Has anyone ever called you mischievous?", he asked jokingly. He gently squeezed her cheeks. She wasn't annoyed. Moreover she was surprised why she didn't react. She hated when anyone squeezed her cheeks. But today she liked it. It bought in tingling feeling to her heart. She smiled and replied," Nope. Except mom, you are the only one who has called me mischievous."

 During her ride to home, her manager noticed her smiling and asked, "I have never seen you so cheerful and happy. Are you enjoying the work?" " What do you mean? I have always enjoyed work,", she said. "I didn't mean anything. You were always tired and aloof. You would do your work and come back home. You wouldn't even speak to your co- stars. But now it seems like you have changed for better. Everyone is noticing that. This is good opportunity to get more work by networking.", her manager said. She didn't say anything. She pretended to be busy with her thoughts.

She was engrossed in thoughts, events and remarks her manager made today. She hadn't noticed these changes. It was true that she was cold person and never mixed with people. Working with Varun had slowly changed her. She was diligent at work. She was mingling with people. She was becoming warm and friendly person. The cold snob mask she wore had come out. It was good change. But she was getting close to Varun. She had never shown too much concern for anyone. She had never played a prank on anyone. She had never advised anyone. Moreover, she had never allowed anyone to be extremely close to her.

Today's gentle squeeze on her cheek raised her heartbeat. "Why am I overreacting? He squeezed my cheek like a friend does.", she wondered and dismissed any such feelings. She made mental note to be careful with her feelings. She didn't want any such feelings to rise and take charge of her. She had more important things to concentrate.

                        ********  Few months later  *******

It was Varun's birthday as well as her birthday.  He had invited whole crew for his birthday party.  His birthdays were known for wild parties while her birthday was something that only her mom and manager knew. Her mom celebrated her birthday usual way. She bought a cake and gift before Roop could leave for the promotional event. She cut the cake and opened her present excitedly. It was glittering Swaroski bracelet. She loved Swaroski accessories and the bracelet was her favorite. Roop hugged her mom and rushed towards the party when she realized that she was getting late.

The party was huge affair, All the big stars were present in his party. The paparazzi waited at the front of his bungalow like hungry dogs for glimpse of the stars while the music blared out inside his bungalow. Roop felt like a misfit in the party. She wasn't used to loud blaring noise or half drunk crowd getting close to her. She decided to head back home when she felt someone drag her outside. It was Varun. They reached the backyard of his bungalow. She was stunned to find herself alone with him. "Finally! Come with me. I have something for you.", he dragged her hand.

(To be continued)

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