Friday, 5 May 2017

The Untouchable - Part 11

Roop's mom stayed quiet while Roop spoke colourfully about her friendship with Varun. She had never seen her so happy. Roop's smile was radiant and glowing from inside. She knew it instantly. She had been through the same phase. She had the same radiant smile when she fell in love with Roop's father. Love had betrayed her. She had nothing to lose. She had nothing to look forward. Her life had gone standstill until Roop came into her life. She didn't want her to lead her life. Roop had everything at stake. She didn't want to Roop to lose everything for silly love. She had to make this stop.

It was one of the sleepless night for Varun. He was contemplating on whether he should let her know about his feelings. He felt stupid about what he did today. He couldn't control himself. He didn't see whether it was right time to share what he felt. He didn't even bother to see that her mother was present. He had an opportunity before her mom arrived to share his feelings. When he had finally decided, he couldn't speak. He was still. He had to shed the burden out. He couldn't keep the feelings hidden anymore. He took long breaths and decided to share the feeling next day.

Roop was getting ready for last day of shoot. She had finally decided to share her feelings. After last night debacle, she couldn't handle herself. She had one day left and she couldn't spoil this. She had practiced what she would say many times. Every time she said, it sounded funny. She prayed for things to go smoothly. Many times she thought that he would rebuke her advances and then a light of hope appear in heart that gave her courage.

She had five minutes for the shoot to begin. She looked at her reflection on the mirror. She seemed confident and ready.  She started towards Varun's office. Suddenly she felt the door of her make up room open. She was excited. "It maybe him. Thank god! You bought him here. Now I can tell him.", she thought. Her heart was beating faster. She was shivering and trembling due to fear. She was remembering the words she was going to use to say her feelings out.

To her dismay, it turned out to be her mom. She was disappointed but she did not lose hope. "Ma, How come you are here? The shoot hasn't yet started.",she said. "I know.", her mom replied , walking closer to her. She held Roop's face when she was closer. "When did you grow so big that you are hiding things from me?", her mom asked. "I didn't hide anything. You know everything that's happening in my life.", she lied. "Not everything! You didn't tell me that you like Varun!", her mom said. Roop was stunned. " I don't..", she was about to lie when her mom spoke, " Don't lie. Your face speaks the truth. I know you love him. I have seen your eyes sparkle and your face glow when you are with him."

"Yes, I do love him! I have never felt like this before. I feel complete with him. ", she spoke the truth at last. She couldn't hide any longer from her mother. She felt shameful for hiding the truth. "You have to forget him. He is not right for you.", her mom said. The words of her mom hit her sharply. The pain was unbearable. She fell on the floor with shock. She didn't say anything. She felt nothing except pain and anger. She wanted to burst out the anger. Instead tears rolled out from her eyes.

(To be continued)

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