Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Untouchable - Part 13

It was his uncle. He had expected her. He was disappointed but didn't lose hope. He smiled, hiding his disappointment perfectly. "What's up?",he asked. "I wanted to discuss about promotional activities.",Anant said. Anant looked suspiciously at the bouquet of flowers on the table.

Anant couldn't contain his suspiciousness and asked immediately,"What are these flowers for?" Varun was startled. His mouth was dry. His mind was blank. His heart was filled with anxiety. He neither wanted to lie nor wanted to say anything.  He wanted to share his feelings with her first.

"Oh now I know ! Who is that lucky girl? Won't you say anything to your favourite uncle?", Anant teased. Varun blushed and excitedly said," Roop" Anant was shocked. "What! You must be joking !", Anant exclaimed. Varun smiled, "It's true. I love her." "Why? I mean this is wrong. She is an actress. ", Anant said coldly.

"Why is it wrong to love an actress? What's big deal in loving her? She's human being. A loving human being whom I care so much.", he said softly. "This is not right! Forget her. She is a fading star. You have just started out.  This is her gimmick to be in limelight.",Anant spoke sternly.

"How could you say this ? She is not a cheap person. She would never do such a thing. You should be ashamed of accusing her of doing any cheap tactics. I love her. You know nothing about love. ", Varun growled. "Calm down! I am not accusing her. You don't understand how this industry works. Everyone wants piece of  success and  fame. They will do anything to achieve ..",Anant said. Before Anant could even complete any sentence, Varun yelled, "Uncle ! Stop it!"

"I am only saying for your own good. Does she feel the same way as you are?", Anant asked. Varun replied, "No!" "You don't know whether she feels the same way. It's not too late. Don't ruin your career for girl. Link ups are not good for you right now. Your career will be overshadowed by fading star's name. You maybe remembered right now. But tomorrow you will be forgotten. Do you want to give up your dreams for girl who you are not sure whether she loves you or not?", Anant advised.

(To be continued)

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