Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mind Your Business - Part 4

Vicky got out of the car. He stood still. He watched the house whilst remembering the times he spent as the kid. The walls of the house was painted fresh but it showed how much it overbore the hard times. Each windows and door spoke stories of love, mischief and pain. Vicky felt pinch of grief of staying away from his family abode. Staying away from home helped him achieve his dreams, but he was faraway from his loved ones.

Now he was home. He was safe. He thought so.  Suddenly, cold breeze blew gently across Vicky.black apparition was behind him. It wasn't going to leave him so easily.  He crossed his arms over his chest tightly to overcome the freezing cold. He shivered continuously.  Sakshi rushed out of the car towards him. She held him and walked towards the main door of the house. After quick ring on the bell, their sister in law, Sheila opened the door with warm smile.

But her warm smile disappeared, a concerned look took over her face. "Why are you shivering so much? Let me check whether you have fever.", she said. Sakshi helped him to sit on the couch and offered a glass of water. Sheila bought the thermometer to his mouth to check his temperature. When she took out the thermometer to read, she threw it down due to extreme heat. The contains of thermometer spilled on the floor. Everyone were shocked.

"I will call the doctor", she said, rushing towards the phone. Sakshi helped him towards his room and laid him on the bed.She helped him change clothes to night pyjamas. She covered him plenty of blankets to help him from constant shivering. She left him to rest. After an hour, Sakshi and Sheila arrived with the doctor. The doctor performed a check up and prescribed medicines and diet for high fever. He asked them to give him complete rest.

Sakshi and Sheila never left Vicky's side. They constantly gave him food, water and medication whenever he woke up. When he slept, they sat on the sofa in living room and discussed about his issue. "It's good you bought him here. He will be okay now.", Sheila spoke.  "I hope so. He has become lifeless. He keeps blaming himself for his friend's death. We should have not let him stay alone at that time.", Sakshi said. " We can't change what has happened. Now he's with us. We will help him get back his old self.", Shiela said with warm smile.

As they discussed, a black apparition circled Vicky madly like a scavenger. Vicky could feel it's presence.  He couldn't scream. His voice was held by the mad demon. He cried softly, eating his tears.

(To be continued)

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