Friday, 8 December 2017

Mind Your Business - Part 7

Their mother cried in pain while everyone tried to ask her the reason of pain. She had never spoken a word since many years. It was usually through the sign language , she would convey her message. Today was not different. She tried best to show what had happened to her. But no one could understand. 

They could sense the physical pain. But there was something serious which remain invisible to others in the family except Vicky. Vicky remained silent. They called the doctor. However the doctor couldn't find the source of the pain. He offered medication to heal her physical pain. 

Everyone was back to routine next morning. However Vicky acted strange. He hardly touched his food or spoke to anyone. He was disturbed by his mother's pain. He knew what caused her pain. But he was scared that no one would believe him. He was frustrated that he couldn't help his mother.

Sakshi was with her kids during the morning. She had been engaged completely with Vicky. She didn't want her kids to be burden on Sheila. She was managing too many people. She had hired a babysitter to take care the kids. She missed her kids. She didn't like this arrangement. But she had no choice. Vicky was her priority now. 

Sheila was tired of convincing Vicky to have something.Vicky was stubborn. He didn't listen. He stayed aloof the whole day. Sakshi's arrival was relief to her. "I have been asking him to have something. But he is not listening. He is acting strange lately.", she said. Sakshi smiled. Sakshi played with his hair and walked into the kitchen. 

She got lunch ready for him. She helped him with the lunch like a mother helping the kid to have lunch. "Oh! So you will have food from Sakshi. But not from me.", Sheila teased. Sakshi smiled. Vicky didn't react. "Sorry. Atleast you had food.", Sheila said and gently patted him.  

As Sakshi washed her hands in bathroom, suddenly she looked at the mirror. The mirror reflection of her had no nose, no ears , no mouth and no eyes. She had no facial features. She screamed and rushed out of the bathroom.

(To be continued)

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