Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 10

Mother stared at her with intense hate.  Her eyes were wide open. Anger burst from her gaze. She would have ripped Sheila if Shekhar wouldn't have intervened. Sheila was scared. She couldn't understand what happened to her beloved mother in law whom she had served loyally. Shekhar held her hand before she could raise to hit Sheila.

She fell unconscious. Her head rested on Shekhar's chest while he guided her towards her room. Everyone followed him. They were concerned about mother's health. No one could come out of shock. Everything took place suddenly and fast for anyone to react. What happened in living room or why mother reacted strangely towards Sheila was beyond anyone's imagination except for Vicky. Vicky knew what was happening but still he kept quiet.

He had seen fury in mother's eyes. The anger within mother was not hers. It was demon inside her. He was guilty for making his mother suffer. He was guilty for not informing the others about it. He wanted to share it but he was tight lipped. He was scared about his family's reaction as well as their judgement about him. He didn't have courage to face the blame of being solely responsible for all the horrifying events . He didn't want to face the truth - he had bought the demon into the house.

As mother slept, other stayed awake.  No one could sleep due to what had happened. Any small movement of the door/ window or tiny cries of insects would scare everyone. Everyone stayed with mother. Next morning, everything turned normal. Last night episode did affect everyone but it couldn't dampen their spirits to start a new day.

They waited anticipatedly  for mother to open her eyes.  She opened her eyes widely. The eyes were filled with shock. It seemed like as if something hit her. Everyone asked her about her health. She didn't reply. No one asked her about yesterday. They didn't want to strain her. They were deeply affected. She didn't reply or nod. She lay on the bed like statue.

When Vicky gently rubbed her head, mother grabbed his other hand. She held it tight for him to withdraw himself from the grip. His heart thumped. He was confused. Everyone tried to help him out of her grip. But it was too tight. She turned her eyes towards him and spoke, "Don't you pretend to care about others or me. If you really love your family, why don't you tell them about me? Don't you feel guilty seeing your mother tortured like this?" Her voice was deep. The tone was half feminine and half manly.  She slowly loosen the grip on his hand.  He freed himself and ran as fast as he could towards his room. She laughed creepily after saying those words. Everyone looked at each other in confusion and shock.

(To be continued)

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