Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 13

The night darkness was slowly diminishing as ray of the sun appeared. The pink clouds was melting slowly into blue sky. Sheila had already started her day. She had prepared breakfast for everyone and morning tea for Shekhar. She had called him several times to the breakfast table. He had not arrived. She checked for him everywhere except mother's room. She was scared to go in.

She was worried. "Is he okay? Hope everything is good?", she thought. She waited at stairs towards the mother's room. She was contemplating on whether to go or not. He was nowhere to be found. The room was last option. She had to do something. But she worried about mother's action. She was about to take one step when someone placed a hand on her shoulder.

She turned excitedly, thinking it was him. But her smile didn't stay longer. It wasn't him. It was Sakshi. "What happened?", Sakshi asked. "I am looking for Shekhar. He is nowhere around. I searched the whole house except mother's room.", Sheila replied. "Don't worry. I will go.",Sakshi said. Sheila stopped her, saying that she would accompany her. " I don't want to you go alone.", Sheila added.

They entered the room. Mother was sleeping peacefully. But Shekhar was nowhere. They checked the whole room. "Where could he be?", they thought loudly. Suddenly they heard a thud at the hall.  Everyone rushed toward the place where they heard the sound. It was Shekhar's body. His clothes were stained with blood. Sheila stayed numb like a stone. Vicky covered the kids from the view. Sakshi knelt down near the body to check the pulse. Shekhar was alive. The pulse was weak.

 They had to rush to the hospital. Shekhar was in critical state. After many hours in operating room, there was slight hope. The doctors promised to do everything to make him okay. Sheila hadn't spoken a word. She was in shock. The kids cried uncontrollably.Vicky and Sakshi tried to console her and get her out of the shock.

Sakshi asked Vicky to take the kids and Sheila home while she stayed at the hospital. "No! I won't go with him. I will stay with Shekhar.", Sheila growled. Sakshi and Vicky were astonished. "I won't let him take my kids too. He will get him killed like he did with my husband.", she added. Sakshi rubbed  Sheila's shoulders gently to calm her. But Sheila didn't stop. She caught hold of his collars and growled," You are the reason why we are in this mess. Why did you come? You bought the ghost and the trouble to the house. You made a mistake and we are facing all this." Sakshi calmed her down and released her clutch from Vicky's collar. "How many lives will you take? Go away!", Sheila screamed at him. Vicky ran away, sobbing uncontrollably.

(To be continued)

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