Monday, 5 February 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 16

Sakshi was surprised at the head priest' memory. She didn't remember meeting him. Unlike Sakshi, old priest could very well remember what he did two days back. His memory power was his strength. He could remember lengthy couplets of Sanskrit verses and philosophies he learnt many years back. His fragile appearance hid his strength from people.

"You were a small child holding your mother's little finger and attending all the functions in the temple. You were very innocent . Eager and curious always. You would ask me the stories of God. How are you, my child?, he asked. She finally remembered her childhood days. She was always excited to go to temples. The aartis, well decorated idol of Lord Vishnu, the sculpted designs on temple walls , sounds of bhajans and fragrance of incense sticks always attracted her. She always eagerly asked stories of Lord from the priest who would promptly recite them all.

As she grew up, she stopped visiting temples. She was no longer attracted to stories of God, partly because she had to take up the responsibility of managing the house from a tender age and partly due to anger on God for poor state of her mother. She switched back to present from flashback of past. The priest patiently waited for her response.

"I am fine. Vicky and Shekhar are all doing good. Mother is still... the same.", she said, gulping the emotions as she spoke about mother's well being. "Your visits to temple have reduced drastically. Do you still hold the grudge towards God? I heard the sad story of your family from Shekhar's wife Sheila. I hope things will be better now. God never leaves his children to fend alone. He is always there even during hard times.", he said.

Sakshi couldn't control her emotions any longer. She sobbed softly. The priest gently patted her while consoling her with kind words. When she felt better, she spoke weakly, "Nothing is better now. It's getting worse. A evil ghost has seized our place. It's tormenting us everyday since Vicky had visited the damned place where the evil ghost was. My family is breaking and I don't know how to free my family from this ghost."

Sakshi narrated the whole story from the beginning till how Shekhar was attacked. The priest listened carefully without disturbing her. After she completed her misery story, he simply said, "There is one person who can help you out. She is highly experienced in fighting dangerous and evil demons, spirits and ghosts. She can help you out. Go at once. Don't delay before it causes more damage to you and your family." He noted down the name and address once his assistant priest offered him small piece of paper that he had asked him to bring. Later he blessed her and gave her Rudraksh mala to keep her and her family safe.

(To be continued)

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