Monday, 12 February 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 19

The dwarf let her inside the house. The house looked more ruin than it was outside. It was dark. The only light in the house was the flickering dim light of bulb placed on the portrait of Lord Shiva. The lady who had called Sakshi inside was lighting the diya placed at the table below the Lord Shiva's portrait. She was praying, murmuring the sacred mantras. There was some of sort of queerness inside the house that bothered Sakshi. It seemed like a ghost house itself to her.

 The lady turned as soon as she was done with the prayer. She was huge lady with big eyes, round nose and large mouth. Her hair was long , thick and unbound. She wore big black bindi and  long black kurta with matching black skirt that covered her feet. She looked strong , powerful and dangerous. "Hello, I am Sakshi. I am looking for Pallavi.", Sakshi greeted with weak smile.

"I am Pallavi. What do you want?", the lady said with tone of rudeness in her voice. "My family is in grave danger. This spirit has been troubling my family for unknown reason. You are our only hope.", Sakshi said. Pallavi at once snapped after hearing the word 'hope', "Hope! I can't guarantee you that here. If you are looking for hope, then you are at the wrong place." She asked her to leave at once. Sakshi couldn't bear the hope slipping away from her hand.

"Please don't say that. I have left my younger brother, sister in law and mother alone at home to fight the spirit. My elder brother is fighting for life. God himself had shown me the way towards you. Only you can help us to fight this. Please listen to my story once.", Sakshi pleaded , kneeling down in front of Pallavi with teary eyes begging for help.  Pallavi didn't stop despite wanting to throw her outside.

After listening to whole story that Sakshi narrated, Pallavi said smirkingly , "Your younger brother has indeed made a sin not a mistake- Entering a devil's place and not minding his business. But one can forgive the mistake because he at that age where he is inquisitive , rebellious and innocent. I will help you not because you need me, only because God wants me to help you." Sakshi smiled unaware that her family was in disaster without her.

Vicky caressed his mother's head while feeling guilty about what he had done. "Sorry, Mum. I am really very sorry." Sheila watched Vicky sadly while she sat , holding her kids tighter to her chest. Suddenly Vicky got up , grabbed his neck tightly with one hand. He was huffing and trying to release his hand off from the neck. Sheila screamed him to stop, covering her kids's eyes. But to her horror, her voice didn't come out. Something was holding her voice. She cried as she watched Vicky trying to take his life in front of her and she couldn't do anything.

(To be continued)

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