Monday, 19 February 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 21

Pallavi walked around the house to find the perfect place to start. She tried to find the spot where she could feel the presence more. She stopped at the center of the hall - the exact place where Shekhar had fallen to the ground and Vicky was grabbed by the demon. She could sense the presence of demonic energy. The area where she stood was very cold unlike the rest of places. 

She brought her things to the selected place. She took out a chalk piece and bent down to draw on the floor. She drew a small circle and then continued to draw more bigger circles around the small circle. She then coloured them with kumkum and turmeric alternatively. She placed the Yagna Kund on the center of the small circle. She then decorated the surrounding of the pot with marigold flowers and fruits. She placed the small bowl of rice grains next to her.  She sat on the ground with legs crossed and burned the Kund.  She started chanting mantras softly, calling out names of God. 

While Pallavi was busy with the rituals, Sakshi searched for her siblings and mother. They were no where. She was worried. She searched every nook and corner of the house. Her heart was filled with worry than fear of demon wandering in the house. The safety of her family mattered her more than her life. "Where were there?", she thought.

She was at the kitchen after aimlessly searching them everywhere. This was only location they could be there. She looked around as she walked behind until she stepped on something next to kitchen center island. Suddenly she heard a low scream. She bent down near the island to see what it was. She was astonished to see Sheila and kids hiding. "I am sorry.", Sakshi said as she hugged Sheila. "Why are you hiding here? Where is Vicky and mother?", Sakshi asked.

Sheila didn't answer instead she asked, "Where were you?"  Sakshi replied the whole ordeal she had gone through getting Pallavi and about the priest who had given information about Pallavi at the temple. "I didn't have time to tell Vicky enough details about Pallavi. I had to go before it was too late. She is in the hall, trying to summon the God. What happened to mother and Vicky", Sakshi added. "When you left, demon had possessed mother. She was attacking kids and me. Then Vicky intervened and helped us out. He pushed mother which led to her hitting the table and falling unconscious. He felt very guilty and stayed next to her. Suddenly something appeared from the ceiling and took him. I couldn't help him. After helplessly standing and looking at Vicky disappear, I checked on mother. She wasn't there. I looked her everywhere. Then something followed us till the kitchen.", Sheila said.  Sakshi felt even more guilty for leaving them alone. But she had no other way.

They headed towards the hall where Pallavi was performing the ritual. "Mother and Vicky are missing, Pallavi.", Sakshi said. Pallavi turned her focus towards Sakshi and others. "Hmm!! You found rest of the family. Your brother and mother are somewhere here. You need to look closely. You will find them. And... by the way, there are two demons not one.", Pallavi said while Sakshi and Sheila stared at her with confusion and fear. They had thought it was work of one evil spirit till the time. "What did you bring, Vicky?", Sakshi muttered softly. 

(To be continued)

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