Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 22

Vicky lay unconsciousness on his back on the hard floor. The two black silhouettes circled around him like hungry vultures. The room  was dark and empty. It was a hidden room in the house. No one ventured here. No one really cared about this room. They never remembered existence of this room.

Slowly Vicky opened his eyes. After few minutes of blurry images, the vision became proper. His heart jumped and a small shriek came out of his mouth when he saw one of two ghastly shadow coming closer to him. He looked around to see where he was. He blinked his eyes, thinking it was one hell of a nightmare. When he looked up, he almost died. His mother was hanging on ceiling on crab posture.

Suddenly the shadow flew, covering the sight of his mother hanging. It was too close .. too close that he could smell rotting smell coming from the silhouettes. The smell caused his bile to come up. Due to fear, he forced himself not to vomit. He drank his own bile.

While in other part of the house, Sakshi and Sheila watched Pallavi do the rituals. The kids hugged Sheila tightly as they were scared to see what was happening around them. Sakshi worried about mother and Vicky. She wondered where they could be.

Pallavi adruptly turned towards Sakshi and said, "Mother and Vicky are at the room hidden in your mother's room. The demon has held them captive there."  It seemed like as if Pallavi read her heart. Sakshi immediately started towards the room followed by Sheila and the kids.  But they were stopped by Pallavi.

"Wait! Let Sheila and kids stay here. I will escort you.", she said firmly. Sakshi and Sheila watched her with confusion. "You cannot jeopardize the safety of the kids. You are facing a demon, not a human. You would need me.", Pallavi said. Sheila motioned Sakshi to go while she stayed back with the kids.

(To be continued)

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