Sunday, 4 March 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 24

The shadow snarled at Pallavi. It didn't have any effect on her. It snarled again. Pallavi didn't budge from her place. She stood still with her eyes closed. It didn't stop snarling. It kept circling Pallavi, trying ways to scare her. Unlike other humans, she wasn't scared.

Sakshi ran towards her brother. She hugged him. She caressed him. "Are you fine? Where is mother?", she asked. Vicky pointed up at the ceiling. Sakshi looked at the direction he pointed. She screamed, watching her mother strolling on the ceiling on a crab position. Mother looked at Sakshi. She laughed ghoulishly. She then stopped laughing and was about to sprang on her.

Sakshi rolled herself and her brother over to safer place. Mother missed her target. Nothing harmed her. She was fit and fine. She got up on all fours. She twisted her arms, hands, shoulders and every muscles in her body. Sakshi and Vicky stared at her with fear. Mother positioned herself to attack them.

Pallavi opened her eyes this time to look at the shadow. Her eyes were filled with rage that could kill the demon if it was fire. "Who are you?", she hissed. The shadow didn't answer. It kept circling her. "Why are you torturing the poor family?", she asked again. The shadow didn't answer.  She asked again, "Who are you? What brings you here? Tell me." There was no reply.  "You won't reply. I know how to get answers from you.", she said firmly.

She chanted a sacred mantra and blew the ash she had held in her hand. The shadow felt force making it stop and pushing it to center to face her. Mother fell unconscious before she could reach Sakshi. Sakshi and Vicky started to rush towards mother but were motioned to stop by Pallavi. The shadow slowly formed into ugly monster. "I am here to attain eternal bliss. I am here to complete my term of punishment for sins I did.", the demon said in monstrous voice.

Sakshi and Vicky watched the demon with confusion. "Eternal bliss! How can a demon like you achieve salvation? What good deeds have you done to achieve this eternal bliss? Instead of doing good deeds, you are torturing innocent people.", Pallavi mocked the demon. "We were not born as demons. We were cursed to be one. We were saintly people who believed in God. But one big sin changed our lives.", the demon said.

(To be continued)

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