Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 27

Vicky stared at the demon. Thoughts such as truth in the story and integrity of demon king raced in his mind. He looked at his sister as well as his mother who was lying down on his lap. The question - why did the demon torture his family still remained mystery. He listened with hope to find the answer. He wondered when his mother would be fine and when his family would be saved from the tortures of demon. He hoped the kids were fine with Sheila and his brother Shekhar was recovering.

The demon continued with his story, "We begged Maharishi for forgiveness. But he was firm and said, "What is the use of forgiving now ! My daughter won't be alive again." He took the head and carried the body on his shoulder. He performed the last rites and came with us to our kingdom. When we met the priest, I grabbed him by his neck. "Why did you do this?", I asked. "I wanted your kingdom. I wanted power. I knew I can get both by misleading you to kill Maharishi's daughter.", he said with evil laughter. His laughter taunted me for my innocence and greed."

The demon yearned for the happiness and dreams of parenthood. As he thought about Purohit's trickery, he growled and stomped hard on the floor. A tiny crack appeared on the floor where he stood. Vicky and Sakshi got scared and shrieked. They held themselves as well as their mother. Pallavi was unaffected. She stood firm and strong. The demon continued, "I was angered but I stopped. The thought of committing another sin stopped me from killing him. "I was aware that you wanted the child and would do anything for the child but you didn't know that you weren't destined to have the child.By tricking you to kill Maharishi's daughter, I could make Maharishi powerless. I knew very well about Maharishi's anger. I knew he would curse you. With that curse, you would lose the kingdom and I would gain it.", he revealed his evil plan."

"I released the clutches over him and fell down on the floor. My wife cried, realizing that we had lost everything we had. She blamed herself for being too blinded over the love for the child and causing me to be doomed. "You fool! You think you would get your desires fulfilled by tricking innocent people. You are blemish to Brahman society. After studying Vedas and scriptures, what did you learn? To trick! To use god gifted intelligence for such tainted activities.You disgust me.", Maharishi said.", the demon said.

He was at end of his story. He narrated the climax," I was shattered. My wife was crying uncontrollably while her well wishers consoled her. Maharashi looked at us and said, "I understand I made hastily action.I cannot reverse back. But I can at least amend what I said before. I was blinded by love for my daughter like you. I want to give you a boon. A boon that can help you suffer less." We watched him as he spoke, "You will serve as demons after the rays of sun touches the earth next morning. Your kingdom and people will perish into dust.You will eat flesh of tainted souls and torture the innocent who have forgotten the essence of God. An innocent soul will lead you to Lord. You will get salvation at hands of Lord. " We bowed down to him and took blessings. He left. We turned into demons next morning. Purohit , our kingdom and people perished into dust like he said."

He spoke about the years of suffering. The demon didn't have easy life. He and his wife had moved places to places, feeding on tainted souls. When the end arrived, they were locked into a small room of a house that they were haunting by a godman. "So why did you kill my friends? My friends weren't tainted souls. Why did you torture my family? You almost killed my mother and brother. How should we believe you?", Vicky asked. His doubts were still the same where it was when the demon had started narrating his story.

(To be continued) 

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