Thursday, 15 March 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 28

Vicky questions made sense to Sakshi too. His friends were innocent just like their mother and Shekhar. The demon killing them or torturing them made no sense. Was demon hiding something? Was this just cooked up story to buy away time? The demon said,"Your friends death was resultant of their past sins. You have to pay for all your actions- be it past or present. They paid their price this lifetime."

The demon's word struck him like arrows. What he said made no sense to him. He got up with anger and stomped towards him. His fear had vanished in thin air when he heard demon speak against his friends. He stared hard at the demon. There was no fear. There was only anger in his eyes. "Don't say anything about my friends! Don't speak of sin and karma when you have committed a grave sin ! A sinner talking about such things is like joke.", he growled. Sakshi calmed him down and said,"Calm down! He will pay for his actions soon. You don't dirty yourself by messing with him. Pallavi is here to take care of him."

"Okay! I will calm down. But why did he torture our mother and brother? What did they do? ", Vicky asked. Pallavi intervened after remaining aloof all this time, "Stop bickering! Calm your brother, Sakshi. Humans were designed such a way that they don't remember the activities they have done exactly past seven days, forget about seven lifetimes. Regarding your mother and brother, they were the innocent souls who forgot about the Lord's grace and needed to be woken up from their slumber. Ha! You forgot about the ending of demon's story! Would you remember what you did during your past life? I remember what you did. I remember what you did today, yesterday and all births you have taken in this earth. I also remember your family and entire world's activities as well as mine."

Vicky, Sakshi and the demons stared astonishingly at her. "Who was she?", they wondered. "Did I bring another destruction to the house? I thought she would save us.", Sakshi thought. Pallavi stood at the center surrounded by everyone.  She disappeared and formed ashes from which a light shined. It rose up and there stood the Lord Vishnu himself. His face was calm and wore a smile that could enlighten all the souls. His lotus eyes were sparkling with pride. The colour of his skin was like blue sky. He held Sudharasan chakra in one hand, conch in another hand and lotus in third hand. His strong legs stood firm on the earth, cleansing the impiousness from the land. The room lit due to thousands rays emitting from the Lord. The garland of fresh Tulsi leaves and jewelry decorated his chest.  His head was covered with massive golden crown. His wavy black hair hid behind his back.

Everyone stared amusingly at the appearance of Lord. They felt blessed to see the Lord's appearance this lifetime. It was miracle to them. Many sages perform stringent austerities to see Lord and they did nothing of such to get this blessing. Everyone bowed down in front of Lord to take his blessings. 

"Vikram (Vicky), I understand your disappointment. But death is part of life. One who takes life in this earth is sure to die. Your family paid for actions they did last birth. Your friends died miserably due to actions they did during last birth. Your life, your decisions, your emotions are controlled by actions you do.",  Lord Vishnu said. Vicky understood the bitter truth behind the answers to the question.

(To be continued)

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