Thursday, 22 March 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 2

Her eyes were red. Her mouth was curled into disgust. She wanted to spank him badly. She held her both fists tighter. "Why did you do that? What is your problem? Don't you love me anymore? Did you find someone else? Is that why you are late?", she growled, holding his collar. He released her grip and pleaded, "Please stop your drama again. I just had a bad day at work."

She didn't listen. She went on and on about the list of complaints she had in her mind for the week. Amit put his hands on his hip firmly and shook his head in defiantly. He wondered "How does she come up with such a list?" He didn't speak or stop her in between. He let her speak while his mind wandered around what had happened during the day. 

When she was done, she looked annoyingly at him. "Are you done Can I go now? I will go change and why don't you serve the dinner. I will right back.", he said coolly. "Did you even listen to what I said?", she started to speak. But he interrupted her in between. "Please! I had difficult day today. I need rest. Let's talk about this tomorrow.", he said while walking towards the bedroom. 

"I also had difficult day. I manage work as well as home. But I don't come home bringing tensions from work. I thought I would bring back the romance in our life. But you don't seem to respond at all. You have become so cold after marriage. You only bothered about work ,work and only work. I don't exist in your world at all.", she cribbed. It was true that their life had become standstill. They were more distant than together during the most trying time of their life.

"Your work is different than mine. You are boss in your boutique. I on the other hand have to prove my worth to my bosses. At least in the end you make nominal profit while sometimes I don't get anything at all from the work I do", he said sulkily. "That's why I told you to join my father's business. But you never listen.", she argued. "Now enough !Serve me dinner soon. I want to sleep.", he said. 

"Serve yourself! I am not your maid.", she sneered at him and stomped back towards room. She hit herself on her arm after colliding with the door. "Ahh!", she cried and turned back to his reaction. He smiled. "Laugh!Laugh! You love to hurt me.", she said, banging the door on him. He waited for sometime before heading to kitchen to feed his grumbling tummy.

(To be continued)

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