Monday, 26 March 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 3

The morning was no different. The cold vibes between husband and wife couldn't be melted by the warm sun rays. Amit hated silence. His wife, Dina hadn't spoken since yesterday night. He was early riser but today was not his day. He woke up late to find Dina had already woken up. He was always the first one to prepare tea for both of them. Yesterday's uneventful happening tossed his routine. 

After freshening up, he waited for Dina to prepare him breakfast and tea. Few minutes later, he dragged himself to the kitchen to see that Dina's cup lying on the sink. The workstation was clean and the vessels were empty. Amit felt subdued as he prepared tea for himself. He didn't understand woman. His ego inside him fueled his despair in him by speaking against her, "It should be her consoling me. I have to console her for what? If she doesn't want to speak, let it be. I won't speak to her too." 

He had his food silently while she got ready for work. As she was about to leave with an airbag, she said solemnly, "I won't be coming tonight. I will be staying at my house."   He didn't respond. He was feeling strangely relieved for the first time. He didn't know whether he should be happy or sad for that. She waited for few minutes for his response. When there was no response, she banged the door. 

As she descended the building, thoughts fluttered in her mind. "Why does he do that? Why is he cold? I do everything for him and he doesn't react. He is always focused on his work. Does he really love me?" She checked her phone to see whether there were any messages from him. There were none. Later she checked taxi hailing app to see where her designated cab was. When she saw it had reached, she got inside. She left home with thoughts still bothering her.

The ride to her paternal house was bumpy one. There was huge traffic jam and took over two hours to reach a 20 minute ride destination.  Her paternal house was like a heavenly abode to her. Unlike the plush apartment she shared with her husband, the house was palatial. The rooms were huge and corridors were longer. The house reflected the hard earned wealth of her father. 

Her mother welcomed her when she entered the hallway. "How come my sunshine is up in the morning?", her mother asked cheerfully. "I fought with Amit yesterday. I will be staying here..", she replied. "For few day?", her mother asked, rolling her eyes. "I am not sure.", she said as she walked towards her room, leaving her bag on the floor.  Her mother motioned the servant to carry the bag to Dina's room. "They fight like kids. No wonder she hasn't learnt to grow up. She still throws her stuffs here and there.", her mother complained to herself.

(To be continued)

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