Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 7

Dina strolled towards the reception of her husband's office. She wore white formal suit with pearl necklace. Her white attire dissimulated with the dark emotions in her heart. She was ready to rip apart her opponent. She asked the petite receptionist for her husband. After short call, she asked her to wait.

He arrived with calm exterior covering the disturbed mind. "Why was she here? Is she going to ask for forgiveness?", he wondered. But his heart knew that it was not the case.  His heat beat loudly with every step he took.  Finally, he stood next to her. He was unaware of the level of fury she had within her. She glared at him for few minutes and then bursted out the anger.

"Am I a control freak?", she lashed out. Amit stared at her with loss of words. He sneaking watched his corners to see if people were looking at them. There were few of onlookers but others were  minding their own business. "Calm down. Why don't we discuss this later?", he said, trying hard to distract her attention. "Don't ssh me! Why should we discuss this later? You didn't care when your friend called me control freak in front of everyone.", she said ironically.

Amit watched her with confusion. He wondered what she was talking about. After minutes of recollecting where he had heard someone using the word control freak, he remembered yesterday's fateful night. He realized his blunder. He scolded himself for at least checking his phone before opening the door. "You had to receive the call yesterday. What a luck?", he thought aloud. Immediately he bit his tongue for saying those words. But it was too late.

"Wow! Look at you! You are not even sorry. You are only thinking about why I took the call. Do you even care that how much pain I am going through? What would you understand about pain? You were enjoying yesterday. Friends and party. I am not even having fun here. I am only thinking about us. Your friends call me names and you don't even take my side. You take part with them and make fun of me. You know what! I had enough. You enjoy your life. I will not be there to control you.", she said.

By now there were many onlookers watching them and enjoying the scene. She walked towards the exit, bent down like lost warrior. She had not seen the 'caution wet floor' cone on the way. She stumbled on it, spraining her feet. She yelped. He rushed towards her but she helped herself up. She turned back, growling at him, "I won't come back."  Her words stung him reminding of the past. When he first met her, she was walking cautiously on pointed heels she wore for the first time. She looked lovely in red summer dress. Before she could reach him, she had stumbled down. He had rushed to her, helping her to stand. And there, they had fallen in love.

(To be continued)

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